Pinterest- No One Hit Wonder

I broke into the blogger-sphere with the topic Pinterest, and guess what? It is still around and going strong as it broke 11 million users in January. We see many social media platforms come and go as they become a one hit wonder and disappear when people get bored. Just like pop stars, some social media platforms stick  and I believe Pinterest will be around for a long time.

It boggles my mind the power Pinterest has behind it. Not only to a user (who finds themselves wondering perpetually throughout the pages of Pinterest), but to marketers who can send people to their e-commerce sites through Pinterest. Below is an infographic, brought to you by MDG Advertising, that shows how much power Pinterest holds within the online population.



The statistics in this info-graphic proves the power:

  • the buying power: 87% women ages 35-44 most popular
  • the audience impression: 11  million users
  • referrals: top 5 social platform channeling to your website
  • competitors: Etsy, Whole Foods, Real Simple and West Elm are on

Also in 2014, Pinterest implement their new layout that is taking advantage of search and analytics. Pinterest’s new “Explore Options” takes a look at what the user’s search analytics and offers suggestions for them to browse. Pinterest has now customized their website toward their user. Imagine the response a company can get for their brand when Pinterest flash their product within the new customization.

Pinterest is not a social media platform that is a one hit wonder. It has power and controls a mass amount of Internet users. The faster you company is on Pinterest, the faster you will see results.


Pinterest’s Guided Search Finds Needles in Haystacks

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Recently, I was asked by E-commerce Times to provide commentary about the recent release of Pinterest’s Guided Search offering. The article discusses the impact on consumers and the opportunity for brands.

Pinterest's Guided Search Finds Needles in Haystacks  Social Networks  E-Commerce Times

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Teenagers and Social Media

This is a time where adult life is starting to kick in. When creating a social media strategy recently, I was puzzled on how to engage with teenagers and the younger population. Internship expert, Lauren Berger, tweeted a thought that sparked my interest to look into what social media teenagers are using…

Lauren Berger tweet

…and then the puzzled question goes through my head, “Where in the world are teenagers in social media?!” So naturally I go to my trusty old partner, Pew Research. Pew posted an great presentation by Amanda Lenhart, Senior Research of Teens & Technology, called Teens & Technology: Understanding the Digital Landscape. Some great hard facts from 2012:

  • 95% of teens use the internet (holy cow), 93% of teens have a computer and 74% teens are mobile internet users
  • one in four teens use their cell phone rather than a computer
  • 94% of teens are on Facebook, 26% on Twitter, 11% on Instagram and 1% on Pinterest

Lets talk about the percents Lenhart presents on. Even though 94% of teens are on Facebook, I don’t believe they are active on it like teens are active on their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Which is why Facebook is becoming the “Mom Platform” of social media. With the babyboomer generation taking over Facebook, upcoming generations are finding new places to be. This is why Instagram is so popular with ages 12-19. Lenhart states an 19 year old female saying, “Yeah, that’s why we go on Twitter and Instagram [instead of Facebook]. My mom doesn’t have that.” My 14 year old cousin isn’t even on Facebook, but post Instagram and Snapchat images daily. Teens are going to more social media platforms with less interaction because they are stressed with the “drama” Facebook can create with its unlimited word count. Twitter only gives 140 words and Instagram in a photo sharing site. This simple interaction avoids drama with people.

Any professional who is creating a social media campaign needs to factor in the young generation to maximize success. By using visual communication, helping teens build their social reputation and avoiding drama a social media campaign can attract teens and create that viral buzz.

A Social Media Resume- Creative, Cool and Click-Throughs!

If you are involved in the digital media industry, you know first hand how it NEVER stops. Always changing, evolving and ranking the best. Which is why a digital media professional’s resume should always be changing, evolving and ranked as the best. Below is an example of my social media resume that not only has a page showcasing my traditional resume but writing samples, links to previous social media campaigns and screen shots of my work.

Ashley Sprain Social Media Resume

What do you think–will digital resumes such as social media resumes start taking over the job market?

Google Analytics Can Help Your Online Boutique

I’ve been absent from my blog recently due to exploring a new found digital obsession of mine, Google Analytics. Or maybe I’ve been shopping too much? Whether an online shopper realizes it or not, analytics are happening with every sunglass link they click onto and especially with every online purchase. Shoppers don’t care they are being tracked, but the people who should care are those who are making profit off their online websites. I’ve worked personally with small boutiques who want to “get their store running online”. So we sit, develop an online website, upload photographs or stock images of their items and wait for sales to come through. The small boutique owner is pleasantly surprised that business is happening online and ships out his/her items.  But with Google Analytics, this small boutique owner can be doing so much more! If you are a boutique that has recently went online with your own website, learn Google Analytics and get that coded into the website A.S.A.P.

I understand that most people think, “I don’t know a things about coding or Google Analytics”, don’t worry—I am here to help. First you need to have an understanding of what Google Analytics is and why it can help you. Google Analytics is a database that will record and hold all the data that is occurring on your website. For examples: geographical location of the transaction or who is looking at your website, conversation rate, and the bounce rate (how many people click through to your website and quickly click out). These are just few of the information that Google Analytics provides and they put all the information in a neat graph for you to analyze yourself. Below you will see the structure of an overview of what your reported data will look like:


Now, teaching yourself Google Analytics to help your website will not be a walk in the park. It takes time to learn and practice to really understand what is happening. My suggestion: Google Analytics Academy. This self-taught process will first introduce you to Google Analytics Principles, the very basics of what Google Analytics means. Then introduce you to Google Analytics Fundamentals, this really gets into all the terms and correct coding to use. I advise you to contact the customer service of the template you are using for your online website to help put the coding into the correct area of the JavaScript.

If you have done all of the above, you should be at the position where you can start taking advantage of Google Analytics. How cool would it be to see if your website does more local or national traffic? To see how what page people are looking at the longest or what item people click through to the most? Start Google Analytics Academy today and and learn more about your website.

Wanelo is the New Pinterest of Shopping

Wanelo is Pinterests biggest competition, but both are changing the traditional way of advertising.

Around the Globe

Pinterest is a great resource for finding recipes, fashion ideas, crafts, and more. It’s not, however, a great place to find something you can actually buy. While people can pin products, half the time when you click on a particular sweater or end table, it is sold out or doesn’t direct you to the correct page.

Wanelo makes online shopping a lot easier. No more falling in love with an item on Pinterest and finding it doesn’t direct you to it. And, no more browsing your 8 favorite websites for a new sweater.

The social discovery site Wanelo — short for Want Need Love — is here to make things easier.

Deena Varshavskaya, Founder of Wanelo, talked with Mashable about how she came up with the idea for the site.

I was thinking about advertising today and how it interrupts our experience; how it doesn’t create value for us. I…

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Social Media Boot Camp- Gamification Edition

I’ve discussed gamification in my last post and wanted to share an presentation that might help an unconfident “gamificationer” understand it better. During my Social Media Campaigns for Public Relations class at Penn State, we held a Social Media Boot Camp and I presented on gamification. Some important points I brought up to help a viewer understand how it works:

Gamification only works if content is compelling enough to engage members repeatedly, consistently and with the right frequency.

How to gamify
  • provide real time rewards
  • encourage participation and competition
  • create leaderboards
  • Increase member motivation
  • Happier when working hard, doing meaningful and rewarding work
  • Quick feedback

To view the whole presentation:

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Gamification presenation” target=”_blank”>Gamification presenation</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Cheyenne Sexton</a></strong> </div>