The Generation of Pinterest Shopping


Brands are recognizing the significance Pinterest is holding over the social media generation and why products need to be seen on Pinterest NOW. Out of all social media platforms, Pinterest has the highest cross over to users actually buying the product advertised. Last Christmas, watches were the biggest trend within females and was even seen trending on social media. Michael Kors’ Pinterest page has almost 200,000 followers and his watches are often the most recurring pin circulating on Pinterest.


A study shows that only 33 percent of Facebook users buy a product advertised, usually just clicking through but not purchasing while 59 percent of Pinterest users actually click-through and buy the product.Why does Pinterest have the ability to persuade buying? Like Facebook, Pinterest images are sharable but influences better because it is a image based sharing site. People log onto Pinterest to view images, not to socialize like they do on Facebook. Pinterest’s main audience is females and women make most buying decision in most house holds. Brands base their images on Pinterest with product placement, highlighting products and their best features rather than the traditional advertising sales pitch. These images reach thousand of users for free, traditional advertising would cost thousands dollars to reach that many people.

Pinterest caught on to how powerful they are within brand placement and now allow brands to become an business account and set up actual shops. A business doesn’t have to be strictly e-commerce to have a business account on the site, many nonprofit companies join just to interact with their audience and build traffic to the companies personal website.

Pinning your favorite images is addicting and isn’t going away. Pinterest marketing is being integrated into most digital strategy plans of business becoming the future of advertising and product placement. For a business not on Pinterest, learn the audience already on Pinterest and target yours from there. This infographic statistically shows who is pinning; for example, 23.8% of people pinning drive Dodge automobiles.

Brands everywhere are quickly joining Pinterest to keep their advertising and product placement ahead of the fast pace social media generation.


One thought on “The Generation of Pinterest Shopping

  1. Let me start by telling you that I LOVE your blog! The colors, the set-up, the pictures, it all goes together so well and it’s very appealing. This post stood out to me over others because it is about shopping on Pinterest..which is one of my favorite things to do. I love Pinterest, I “pin” almost everyday, especially onto my wish list board, which is everything I hope to have one day. Pinterest is kind of like a fantasy land, will I ever own everything I pin..probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to wish. Something similar to Pinterest is Wanelo. It has almost the same set up except you can click on the item and it takes you to the site where you can purchase it…pretty dangerous! I love your blog and content, keep up the good work!

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