Life’s a Game, Be prepared with Gamification

Great post on gamification!

Socially Green: Online

It’s pronounced—gay-muh-fi-kay-tion. It’s gaming simply put, you know like; Farmville, Candy Crush, Temple Run or even the pizza making mobile app. Now companies wouldn’t particularly use Candy Crush to engage customers, but yet their own form of gaming. As new, upcoming PR professionals, I believe it’s important to be educated on this emerging technique.

Now, what is gamification? It is a social media technique that “involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging,” as stated by Gamification Wiki. By applying this technique, the company or industry can convert users into consumers.

This ultimately makes the process of appealing to customers, retaining them and engaging them a much more fun and exciting time than the usual, hum-drum boring customer appeals.

Personally for me, I wanted to look for some kind of gamification method a company was using that encouraged sustainable living…

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