Wanelo is the New Pinterest of Shopping

Wanelo is Pinterests biggest competition, but both are changing the traditional way of advertising.

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Pinterest is a great resource for finding recipes, fashion ideas, crafts, and more. It’s not, however, a great place to find something you can actually buy. While people can pin products, half the time when you click on a particular sweater or end table, it is sold out or doesn’t direct you to the correct page.

Wanelo makes online shopping a lot easier. No more falling in love with an item on Pinterest and finding it doesn’t direct you to it. And, no more browsing your 8 favorite websites for a new sweater.

The social discovery site Wanelo — short for Want Need Love — is here to make things easier.

Deena Varshavskaya, Founder of Wanelo, talked with Mashable about how she came up with the idea for the site.

I was thinking about advertising today and how it interrupts our experience; how it doesn’t create value for us. I…

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One thought on “Wanelo is the New Pinterest of Shopping

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