A Social Media Resume- Creative, Cool and Click-Throughs!

If you are involved in the digital media industry, you know first hand how it NEVER stops. Always changing, evolving and ranking the best. Which is why a digital media professional’s resume should always be changing, evolving and ranked as the best. Below is an example of my social media resume that not only has a page showcasing my traditional resume but writing samples, links to previous social media campaigns and screen shots of my work.

Ashley Sprain Social Media Resume

What do you think–will digital resumes such as social media resumes start taking over the job market?


3 thoughts on “A Social Media Resume- Creative, Cool and Click-Throughs!

  1. I love how you put in the little interactive poll about resumes! That is a really cute idea and could be informative if a significant amount of people respond. I think your social media resume looks really good! The layout is very easy to navigate and you picked a very attractive color scheme. It looks very professional and hopefully it will help you acquire a PR position. I will definitely look to yours as a reference for my own social media resume.

  2. Ashley,
    Your social media resume is awesome! It was extremely organized, very creative and not to mention really cohesive with your blog. I clicked through some of your work samples and was super impressed. The poll is also a great idea that I must incorporate into my blog. I do think that as time goes on, employers will be viewing resumes in this format instead of the traditional way. Keep up the good work!

  3. I found your blog really interesting. I do not know that we are yet in the age where a digital resume is valued above a traditional resume but I could definitely see the shift taking place in the relatively near future. As generations progress technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Greater technological advances have led to greater convenience and time saving. I think that we will soon see a time when almost everything is on a screen and no longer on a physical piece of paper. I am personally a fan of the idea because it greatly reduces paper waste and will help save a tremendous amount of trees (This is actually a blog topic you will be able to find on my own blog page: http://sunshinedaydreamsz.wordpress.com/) You did a great job creating your digital resume. You should definitely consider sharing it on different public platforms to provide a template for others!!

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