Pinterest- No One Hit Wonder

I broke into the blogger-sphere with the topic Pinterest, and guess what? It is still around and going strong as it broke 11 million users in January. We see many social media platforms come and go as they become a one hit wonder and disappear when people get bored. Just like pop stars, some social media platforms stick  and I believe Pinterest will be around for a long time.

It boggles my mind the power Pinterest has behind it. Not only to a user (who finds themselves wondering perpetually throughout the pages of Pinterest), but to marketers who can send people to their e-commerce sites through Pinterest. Below is an infographic, brought to you by MDG Advertising, that shows how much power Pinterest holds within the online population.



The statistics in this info-graphic proves the power:

  • the buying power: 87% women ages 35-44 most popular
  • the audience impression: 11  million users
  • referrals: top 5 social platform channeling to your website
  • competitors: Etsy, Whole Foods, Real Simple and West Elm are on

Also in 2014, Pinterest implement their new layout that is taking advantage of search and analytics. Pinterest’s new “Explore Options” takes a look at what the user’s search analytics and offers suggestions for them to browse. Pinterest has now customized their website toward their user. Imagine the response a company can get for their brand when Pinterest flash their product within the new customization.

Pinterest is not a social media platform that is a one hit wonder. It has power and controls a mass amount of Internet users. The faster you company is on Pinterest, the faster you will see results.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest- No One Hit Wonder

  1. Ashley,

    I love your blog. After getting to know you this past semester, your blog seems to truly emphasize your passion for digital analytics and social media. As a self proclaimed Pinterest-obsessed person, I love this blog post. Over the past years I have seen an increase of companies utilizing Pinterest to better brand their company. Pinterest is obviously an asset for companies who have a target audience of women age 35-44. One thing that I have learned through research is that companies on Pinterest need to have boards that do not simply showcase the company’s products. Boards with different things that a consumer can associate with the company’s brand and image are aspects that make the company’s Pinterest page more successful.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  2. I agree that Pinterest is definitely not a one hit wonder. I think that it is a create way for company’s and brand’s to mix business with pleasure and show consumers both sides of their brand personality. It allows consumers to connect their interests with the company’s interest’s as well as engage in their services and products. Great facts about Pinterest’s growing power!

  3. I completely agree that Pinterest is not a one hit wonder. You did a great job explaining how Pinterest continues to progress and how businesses can get the most out of the social media platform. They keep adapting it to cater to the users interests more and more. Although Pinterest’s popularity is growing, the majority of their users are females. I think it would be very interesting to see Pinterest come up with a campaign that would generate more male users. They need to find a way that targets typical interests of males, such as technology, cars and sports. Pinterest can continue to grow and progress with the support of female users, but imagine how much more useful it could be if they expanded their target demographic.

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